The difference between air fryers and ovens

The difference between air fryer and oven

1、Working principle

Air fryer is a closed pot in the body using thermal cyclone circulation technology, the use of air instead of oil to "fry cooked" food technology, fast, not to mention that the food heating area can be taken care of, making the food more evenly heated; oven is heated through the heat pipe to generate heat baked food.

2, suitable for the crowd

Air fryer operation is simple and easy to start, suitable for novice kitchen whites; while the oven is more suitable for those who like to cook, the air fryer can be said to be a simple model with a fan of small oven.

3, volume

Air fryer is small and lightweight, occupying very little kitchen area; oven is relatively larger, occupying a little more area.


Air fryer can be disassembled, you can take off the frying basket cleaning, cleaning without obstacles; oven can only be wiped with a rag, not easy to clean.

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